What is Love?

This is the post excerpt.

This is one of the most spoken about themes since human beings have realised that a heart can only be pleased by giving and receiving love.

We all talk about love based on our personal experiences and based on what we dream about.

We tend to drown into unfulfilled and unhappy relationships, just to avoid loneliness and run away from the status of being “single” where society sees you as a “loser” or “unloved”.

These clichès are the results of what we are seeing in movies, the media; even the fashion industry promotes outfits for cool and passionate couples, giving us fake idols and high and impossible standards to follow.

People aim to get a perfect partner to work towards a perfect relationship, thinking that only with that, happiness and completeness will be found. But if the goal is this, people will find frustrations, sadness, guilt and blame; because perfection is just an idea rather than make a relationship perfect even with imperfections.

In this day and age simply love is replaceable, like the concept of a dating app, where you can judge a person within few seconds. This is far behind the meaning of love.

In few words today love is hard to find, to keep it and to believe in it.

When I moved to London, I thought that here the chance to find “The One” would have been higher than in a small village, where you literally you know everyone; but the reality is shocking.

Someone once told me that love isn’t everything, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from that person, how different his perception was from mine about it.

I have met so many people, and in 90% of the cases, their parents went through a divorce or separations, half of them more than once. Today, being married is an exceptional case, rather than the opposite.

People that believe in marriage or simply in a long term relationships, know that two people are different, know that life won’t always be a piece of cake, and only listening to each other without letting the ego take over, things can work, obviously if love is the base of everything.

My project will be all about love, emotions, and people’s personal experiences.

A unique voyage through time and truth.

Each picture will take you where your heart has never been.

Because love is the force of the universe and it will ever win over the ego and the mind.

This project will show to every single person, what love really is.

What is Love? It’s coming soon…

5 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. An interesting project… Love, I wonder whether or how with a camera you’d discern between conditional and unconditional love, and how you’d get behind the motivations for conditional love… often, in my observational experience it’s such a mishmash of the two…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Simon, Love is a very vast theme that does not have an end. However, my project will give hope to those who lost it, and will give an example how love should be today. My camera will be the widow of my soul to show that today love is misunderstood or understood at all. – stay tuned for updates, the projects will be out soon.
      Thank you for your comment tho.
      Regards, Luce


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